How to recognize reggae?

Reggae has become incredibly successful thanks to a great Jamaican artist. In every corner of the world there are followers of this music. However, we will explain in more detail the characteristics of this music that has maintained its popularity.

A mixture of several genres and the use of skank

Like many musical genres, reggae is also a mixture of several musics that were born in the middle of the 20th century. This music was born in Jamaica, more precisely in 1960, was an inspiration of the music that was in full swing. Among these musics, those which were really useful were four. It is about the rhythm and blue which is a music which was born in black America. The ska of Jamaican origin which has not lost its popularity is also on this list. Mento, the traditional music of Jamaica, is also on the list. Nyabinghi songs inherited from African slaves are also part of this mix.

In addition, skanking is one of the specific characteristics of reggae. This musical practice puts special emphasis on the weak beats, especially the fourth and second beats. Thus the music focuses on the third and first beat and in this way reggae is easily identified.

The topics and style of the bass and drums

Apart from the musical instruments used in reggae, you will notice a consistency of themes in the songs. That is to say, it is almost the same subjects that reggae deals with in most of the songs. Generally, the songs deal with the popular Rastafari movement with an emphasis on love of neighbor. In addition, it is also used to denounce human rights violations.

Moreover, one cannot talk about reggae without mentioning the bass and the drums, because these are characteristics that distinguish reggae exclusively from other music. A perfect combination of these two elements in a smooth rhythm excites to dance. The drums create clear sounds while the bassist shows his talents.

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