What to know about Brazilian music?

If you have visited Brazil once, you will know what is called a musical country. There is not this city and this day where you music festivals are not organized in Brazil. It is then important to know the main musical categories and genres in Brazil. You will have more details in the following.

The three main musical categories in Brazil

Classical music was born in Brazil around the middle of the 16th century thanks to the Jesuits. It is also a sacred music because, composed of Gregorian songs and baroque music. This music has evolved and has generated several variants. It is for example the baile pastoril composed of song and music and produced in a theatrical style. As for traditional music, it is essentially composed of musical genres that characterize cultures, ceremonies, and cities. The Amerindian music that characterizes the Amerindians is an illustrative example. As for modern music in Brazil, it is strongly represented by the samba. Since it is the most recognized music in the world as Brazilian music. Brazilian jazz and Brazilian rock are also on the list of modern music in Brazil.

The main musical genres that dominate Brazil

When you talk about music in Brazil, everyone already thinks of samba. It is a mixture of Brazilian, European and African styles. That’s why it is difficult to learn but wonderful to hear. There are at least three variations of this music. These are for example the samba-reggae, the samba de roda and the pagoda. As for the Brazilian choro, it is a melancholic music whose materialization is assured by the sound of the guitar and the flute. The frevo, as for him is an accelerated and syncopated music which animates the big festivals. It is the music of the atmosphere which makes move all its audience. As for the bossa nova, it is the music of love, because it is very soft and calm. And besides it is played exclusively with the piano and the guitar.